Welcome to Perfectdayphotos.co.uk

The art of taking photographs is one that has been around for over a century. People have always loved good visual images, starting from drawings, carvings in ancient caves, paintings in the renaissance era, and the advent of cameras.

However, it is the digital era of smartphone cameras that has brought about an unprecedented upsurge in production of images through cameras. The internet has made it possible for the images created to be shared on a massive scale. To exhibit this scale, know that there are over 1.9 billion images uploaded to the internet daily. Every two minutes, more images are taken than the total that existed 150 years ago.

This website is dedicated to the understanding subjects around photography through focus on the process and the person. We have taken som photos for the site Dunder, for awhile using the tips on this page. 

Understanding the process

Taking a photograph requires a process. Learning the process includes gaining knowledge on the suitability of equipment, modifications and DIY tricks for improving that equipment, as well as the use of the tools for optimal outcome are among the aims of this website. We are dedicated to providing in depth direction on the process of taking good pictures, be it on mobile or on professional cameras such as DSLRs.

Understanding the Roles of the Photographer

The person behind the lens has the greatest power in determining the final outcome. As many professional photographers will agree, no two photographers interpret a scene, set, or subject the same. Everyone has a different perspective, even where that difference is subtle, on a photography subject. That is the reason why people photograph landmarks, for example, when they could have downloaded images of those landmarks from the internet.

This personal interpretation holds meaning, and Perfectdayphotos.co.uk is determined to help you find a way to capture your interpretation in the best way possible, even with your mobile! Indulge us as we walk with you on your journey of pictures and cameras.