Most Creative Wedding Pictures

Weddings are special occasions and should be treated with the creativity that they deserve. A wedding ceremony is an occasion for the bride, groom, family, and friends to create memories. Wedding photography, as such, demands creativity and skill. Here are several ideas on how to take the most creative wedding pictures:

  • Use of Negative Space

Space is one of the causes of argument for photographers. There are people who insist on elimination of space while others emphasize the importance of large negative space around the photograph’s subject. Use of negative space actually enhances the subjects because it allows them to stand out in the picture. Think of a skyscraper standing tall in the horizon; it cannot be missed. Use of negative space is especially applicable when taking pictures of the wedding couple.

  • Colour Blocking

Weddings are about colour. In fact, almost all wedding ceremonies have a colour theme. The dominant theme, more often than not, is the favourite colour of the bride. When editing wedding pictures, you can edit out every other colour to grey scale then leave the theme colour as it is. The effect is that the pictures shows with clarity what the theme of the day was. Colour blocking is only recommended for three or four shots, at most, else it becomes monotonous and boring.

  • Perspective

Anyone can take pictures from the front, the side, or from behind as the bride and groom walk. A DYI tip on how to take the most creative wedding pictures is finding a different perspective. Think about a shot taken from the ground to capture the wedding couple against a clear sky, or a drone camera shot of the reception showing all the guests enjoying the festivities.

Creativity cannot be taught. However, these and other tips can help a photographer find inspiration on how to take the most creative wedding pictures.