DYI Tricks For Better Pictures

Taking good pictures requires an understanding of the environment in which the photo is taken. The photographer must know how to fashion the environment to fit the purposes of his shots. Professionals with big budgets and deep pockets can create incredible sets.

The rest of us have to make do with clever DIY tricks for better pictures. Here are some!

The Toilet Paper Roll Lens Extender

You can spend 20 bucks for a lens extender for those macro shots for your collection or assignment, or you can get creative and use what is already in your house.

  1. Start by using up all your tissue paper down to the roll.
  2. Take the roll out and douse it in black ink. In case you do not have ink, wrap it in black paper; your lens extender must not reflect light.
  3. Fit your lens on one end of the roll and fit the roll into the camera on the other end. Then take those macro shots like a National Geographic pro.

The Ultimate Sun Glasses Hack

Supposing you’re taking shots in the full sun, but you need to create a vignette effect? Supposing you’re not a big fan of filters and want to deliver stunning raw shots? Search the top of your head, or your shirt pocket, and find your faithful pair of sunglasses. Place one lens of the glasses in front of your camera lens. Click away. You’re now the proud photographer of low lit shots in a fully sun lit set.

Thank You, Coffee House

On your way to the photo shoot on a glorious summer day, you pass by the coffee shop because coffee is life. Do not throw away your paper cup. Preserve it because it will come in handy when the solar glare sneaks up on all your shots. Simply hood the lens with your coffee cup to keep the glare out.

Apply these and other creative DIY tricks for better and perfectly timed shots. Budgetary constraints mean nothing when you know how to work with what you have.