Perfectly Timed Screenshots

Screenshots serve many purposes, one of them being to preserve a moment that might truly never happen again. Perhaps the most difficult thing about taking a perfectly timed screenshot is the timing. Without prior knowledge that a perfect moment will come up, it is hard to take that elusive screenshot.

There are a few things that you can do to boost the chances of catching a perfect screenshot in all picture distributing platforms.

Pokémon Go Monsters

Pokémon Go is in vogue all over the world. The game is designed in such a way that winnings are presented in the form of captured monsters. The real challenge is capturing these rare Pokémon’s. When one captures a rare monster, screenshots are necessary for bragging rights. The other reason why a perfectly timed screenshot is needed is when the game places a Pokémon in an unusual location. There is a community of Reddit users dedicated to screenshots of hilariously placed Pokémon’s.

Online Slots Machine Games

Playing slots machines online is the new way of having a casino experience. Some of the online slot machine game makers include Play N’ Go and Scientific Games. Winning spins are a source of pride for players who often want to capture a winning spin in a photograph. A player spinning the Book of Dead game, for example, would love to show his or her peers if he or she finally got the Book of Dead, and the accompanying jackpot.


Capturing a perfectly timed screenshot also depends on others factor aside from timing. You have to know the easiest way to capture a screenshot on your device.

Some of the smooth ways include installing a screen capture app that allows the user to designate certain movements to cause the capture of a screenshot. Tilt movements and shake movements are especially quick and convenient, compared to stock methods which include pressing two or more buttons at the same time.