A Photographer’s Best Friend

Pictures taken with mobile phones are, more often than not, at the receiving end of bad jokes online, especially in photography circles. Egos and sensitivities aside, there is a way to avoid the stigma associated with smartphone pictures.

If you know how to take good pictures with your mobile, there is a good chance not many people ‒ not even professional photographers ‒ will easily be able to tell that you used a mobile phone. Knowing your tools is perhaps a photographer’s best friend and you can take the most creative wedding pictures with your phone.

Grid Lines

One of the great advantages with using a mobile phone to take pictures is that the phone has software that makes it easy to balance shots. Before grid lines were introduced, balance was hard to achieve.

In fact, many amateur photographers did not bother to find it. Those who did still missed the clean aesthetic balance of a trained eye. The grid lines are one of a smartphone photographer’s best friends; they make balance easy to find. Phone manufacturers have made the large screen display a photography tool. Utilize it.

Professional Software

Filters are lazy. Do not use filters when editing your mobile phone pictures. Instagram, Snapchat, and other apps have bucket loads of filters, and they are spoiling otherwise great raw shots. If you must edit your pictures, then use a proper editing app that gives you great professional settings. There are plenty of free and paid apps available.


Lighting can be a photographer’s best friend or his or her worst adversary. It’s an oxymoron, yet with a keen eye one can master lighting and shoot great mobile phone pictures. The key to understanding lighting when using a mobile phone is not relying on the phone’s flash. Learn how to use natural light as well as ambient light for great shots.