Stunning Landscapes on Camera

Landscape photographs can capture the beauty of a scene with detail and huge appeal. It is no wonder that the best landscape pictures get used as wallpapers and screen savers in digital devices. There is a sense of beauty that only a well-taken landscape photograph can emit.

Beautiful landscape shots don’t happen by themselves; there is training involved in taking stunning landscapes pictures.

Time of Day

The time of the day when you shoot your landscapes is important for the overall visual quality. This is because the lighting during the day is perhaps the most important part of getting a landscape shot right.

The best time would be in dawn or dusk. At those times, the sun is not yet up, but rays are sneaking up the horizon, painting the sky in stunning colours.

However, if you want to take shots against a vibrant blue sky, manage your shadows and get the perfect angle in the sun. There are people who know how to use sun glare to create beautiful shots. Knowing how the time of day will affect the outcome is key to good pictures.

Depth of Field

When using a DSLR, taking a landscape picture will require that you adjust the depth of field manually. The autofocus option on many cameras only focuses on objects close by. That means that far way objects will be blurred. Adjusting the AF ensures that you have depth in field.

Different Angles

There is no single angle that creates the best landscape pictures. When learning how to take stunning landscape pictures, it is important to experiment with different angles, taking many shots from each angle , and then selecting the one which stands out most.

Landscape shots require patience and mastery of technique. Take your time to learn and experiment until that perfect shot is found and don’t forget to protect your masterpieces with copyright.